Friday, 24 June 2011

FO Friday #3

Well this Friday is going to be a little different. Basically I am going to cheat! I don't really have anything finished to show you today but I am going to reshow you the very first scarf I made, just in case anyone missed it! I am then going to fill you in on the last week as I've been away and feel like sharing! Hope this is ok with everyone.

So first off here is my scarf
I made this back in March. I was so pleased with it as you can read all about here

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So onto my week. Last Friday the husband and myself went up to Scotland to visit some friends and family. We were meeting our new nephew for the first time (I may have mentioned this before?!?) and we had a wedding to go to and generally catching up with people. This pretty much took the whole weekend which was great but tiring (who knew being sociable was so exhausting!) We were also around for Father's day so that was really good. I cooked lunch for my father in law and we took my dad out for his dinner! We were so full by the end of the day!
On Monday we drove through to visit my mum and some more family. This was great as it was the first time my mum and I have been together properly since I started knitting. I took my knitting bag and all my bits and pieces to show her and we spend ages just talking about knitting and looking at each others work! It was great, I miss my mum! We also got a chance to go to her favourite wool shop, we both bought yarn and I got pink, yes I said pink, knitting needles! Poor husband was thoroughly bored but never complained, bless him!
We spent the rest of the time just visiting people and catching up, it was lovely. Back to work now and the old grind! Ha ha!

Sorry if my blogging has been sporadic other the last week but I have been busy!
What have you been doing?


  1. Pink knitting needles? Cool!

  2. Your scarf came out great!! We all cheat in our posts once in a while! ;-D Your trip sounds lovely too - too bad back to work had to come so quickly!

  3. A little cheating is okay :)
    Nice scarf!

  4. Scarf looks great, finding new yarn shops is always great fun

  5. Cute scarf!
    I like the grey too. It goes with everything.

  6. What a cute scarf!! P.S. Did you see my posts on Word Verification? Increase your comments by letting the new blogger software stop the spam for you. (upper right sidebar and a new post yesterday).

  7. The scarf is darling and great idea posting it since I wasn't following your blog back then. Yeah, you did it just for me ;-)

  8. I love that scarf! The textured circles on the end are really great, they add so much texture and interest. And I totally want to see your pink knitting needles on WIP Wednesday! ;)

  9. A lovely scarf and nothing wrong with 'cheating'. Happy weekend :)

  10. Hi, what a pretty scarf. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment on my current project. I have to tell ya that it is truly special that your mom knits too. I hope you have many enjoyable knitting adventures together. p.s. sounds like that husband of yours is a keeper!

  11. I have had to show off old fo's a time or two as well, you can't make something & finish it every week! that's crazy! it's a pretty scarf all the same. I love garter stitch.

    I'm here a little late from friday fo...