Sunday, 26 June 2011

100 Days 100 Words

So Yesterday I was blogging along minding my own business and came across this (Check it out!) and I thought it was a really good idea. So here's the deal, you quickly with little thought write down 100 words and then for the next 100 blog posts, whether this is daily, weekly, monthly, whatever (I'll be doing mine every Saturday) you write about the next word on the list. For example, first Sat could be dogs and I would write about whatever came to mind about dogs and the next Sat could be cheese and again I would write about what came to mind about cheese.

Sounds easy right? Not so, coming up with the 100 words was actually quite hard. the first few were obviously quite easy I just picked my favourite things but then I got a bit stuck. I asked husband to help, which was great but he was picking obscure words that I kept rejecting and then he would remind me that I wasn't supposed to think about it too much to which I replied that was fine but I would eventually have to write about these words to which he replied... Well you get the idea, we were also just about to watch a film but I wanted to make my list first so 100 seemed quite far away at times. Anyway here is my list

1. Books
2. Cake
3. Ribbon
4. Knitting
5. Music
6. Pizza
7. Snow
8. Blogging
9. Buttons
10. Scotland
11. Love
12. Flowers
13. Friends
14. Cats
15. Cards
16. Cooking
17. Movies
18. Travel
19. Christmas
20. Photos
21. Family
22. Coffee
23. Beautiful
24. Soap
25. Wool
26. Powder
27. Frogs
28. Hair
29. Castle
30. Farm
31. Mug
32. Responsibility
33. Work
34. Health
35. Enjoyment
36. Technology
37. Happiness
38. Scared
39. Canada
40. Pressure
41. Vintage
42. Purple
43. Exercise
44. Weddings
45. Time
46. Ikea
47. Clothes
48. Wine
49. Housework
50. Park
51. Black and white
52. Husband
53. Garden
54. Winnie the pooh
55. Crafting
56. Iphone
57. Light
58. Owls
59. News
60. Night
61. Minis
62. History
63. Raspberry
64. Day
65. Haggis
66. Paris
67. Theatre
68. Dancing
69. Candle
70. Lists
71. Traditions
72. Poetry
73. Diary
74. Audrey
75. Shopping
76. Chocolate
77. Design
78. Dragon
79. Party
80. Sleep
81. Focus
82. Water
83. Fresh
84. Yummy
85. Home
86. Fast
87. Play
88. Magic
89. Lose
90. Bath
91. Magazines
92. Eyes
93. Expressions
94. Lasagna
95. Comics
96. Jewellery
97. Impulse
98. Wellies
99. Stubborn
100. Me

So there it is, while typing these there were a few I really think are going to be tricky, oh well not to worry. I am going to start doing this alongside An Accidental Knitter and will be starting on 2nd July! For those of you who don't do quick math that means I'll finish somewhere around  May 11th 2013! Eek!

I have also decided to make this a Linky Party so if you would like to do this as well you can add your link every week and see what other people's words are!

Happy blogging


  1. Neat idea! I'm curious to see what you'll write about frogs or haggis! Thanks for stopping by my blog! ~Jen @

  2. 100 words looks a good idea, I'm doing the alphabet at the moment and it's working out quite good, it gives me a starting point for a post.
    Thank you for visiting my blog, I'm now 'following' you.

    Jan x

  3. Hehe, thanks for joining me! Great idea to do the Mr. Linky ever week! :)

  4. Hi Sam! Thanks bunches for popping by my blog and for your super sweet words. :)

    Ohhh this sounds like such fun! And yes...a challenge indeed! Maybe I'll play along as soon as I finish my photo challenge :)

    Happy to be connected! Hooray for new blog friends!

    Happy Summer!
    xo Jenny Holiday

  5. interesting :)
    well why you place yourself at the end...word "ME" must be the first priority ..isn't it..
    have fun

  6. that is a fabulous idea!
    I might have to share that one as well!