Wednesday, 1 June 2011

WIP Wednesday

This is the first wip Wednesday I am participating in and I gotta tell you I'm pretty excited! So here it is what I'm working on at the moment

There's not really much to see its only a few centimetres at the moment but soon very soon its going to be a beautiful bobble hat.

If you would like to see other wip's please visit

Happy Wednesday xx


  1. Welcome to WIP Wednesday! :D I love that you took a knitting-in-action photo, and I love that colour. It's going to be a beautiful bobble hat, indeed.

  2. Welcome to WIPW! Bobbles are so much fun, love the colour.

  3. Welcome to WIPW! That is a cute picture of you knitting away.

  4. Welcome, so nice to see you and your hat! Looking forward to finished artical :0)

  5. Welcome to WIPW! Sorry I'm just getting to commenting as it's been a crazy week. I try to make it to all WIPW and FO Friday entries. The picture of you working on your knitting is adorable!