Monday, 6 June 2011

Much Love Monday - Stationery

I LOVE stationery, I really do! This Monday I love it a little more than usual though as my new notebook has come in very handy. I usually have a collection of notebooks (I have a real weakness for notebooks, any colour, size or style) some are in use, some are waiting for the perfect time to be used. Anyway, since I started knitting a few months ago I have been keeping a note of things in an old notebook which was pretty full. But I was in our craft room/study at the weekend and found the above notebook. I thought perfect, I can use it to keep all my knitting scribbles and notes on patterns and yarn. Also I started a pattern that's a little bit more complicated than I have tried before and I'm partly designing it myself (fingers crossed) so my little notebook came in very handy.

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Happy Monday x

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  1. I love love love stationery too! Every time I go to this one crafts/book store I can't stop looking at all their stationery. I'm glad there's someone else out there that seems to like it just as much.