Monday, 27 June 2011

Much Love Monday - Summer

This Monday I am loving that it is finally starting to look like summer!! Husband and I spent yesterday in the garden! He was actually gardening while I relaxed with my knitting! It was just lovely! Although as a result I am looking slightly sun kissed!
Then this morning we woke up and amazingly the sun was shining again... Yes!!!!

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  1. This is my very first Much Love Monday, so I thought I'd stop by and say hi. You wouldn't believe it, but you are the first person I've visited so far who actually has a picture of a heart in the post. I love hearts, so I was hoping more people would have them. Anyway, I agree that there's nothing better than having some quiet time outdoors on a nice day. -Lola at Dharma Killed Dogma

  2. Enjoy the warmth and sunshine!
    Have a good week Sam! xx

  3. love the warm weather and sunshine too!!! and LOVE gardening. we are attempting our first one, and i love to see it grow!!
    ahve a great week

  4. I love the summer sunshine, but not the heat! Sounds like you and your husband had a wonderful day outside. :)

  5. It is Winter here and after so many years I still think it is funny how we go opposite with season :) Enjoy your sunny weather and thanks for your comment on the picture :)

  6. thanks for your comment on my blog.
    hugs from chile