Saturday, 24 September 2011

100 Days 100 Words #5 - Music

This is a rather sheepish post. You know how you say you are going to do something and you're all ready to go and it goes well for the first couple of weeks and then well not so good! Anyway, here I am and with another word. I'm not promising to be back next Saturday but I will promise to be a little more regular with these Word posts! (If you're new to my blog and have no idea what I'm talking about you can check it out here)

I've thought really hard about how I was going to do today's post. The problem was that I couldn't possibly tell you all my thoughts about music - we'd be here all day week month... well a long time. So I thought what I would do is put my ipod onto shuffle see what came out and talk about that! As luck would have it the song was "End over end" by the Foo Fighters. Now the foos are one of my favourite bands, I love Dave Grohl!

When the song came on my ipod it reminded me of the last time the husband and I went to see the foos, which was this summer in Milton Keynes. We had the most amazing time, there were two other bands also playing that day, Jimmy Eat World and Biffy Clyro, both of which husband and I totally love, so it was already going to be a good day! I can honestly say though, I have never rocked out so much, it was such an amazing performance! The foos were on fire!! I was screaming so hard my whole body was shaking, I had no voice by the end of the day. There is just something about live music that just makes me happy and feel good. Husband always laughs at me because at the start of any live music, doesn't matter who it is I always cry a bit. I don't know why, I can't help it, I'm not sad, I just get really emotional! We were also really lucky that day, for three reasons. First, we ended up in a line for inner pit tickets. This was purely by accident, we were just standing in the que and overheard someone saying that it was for the inner pit! Woohoo! There were 65000 people at the day and the inner pit had 10000 in it, so we were going to be closer to the stage and not get pushed about so much! Second, we managed to meet up with our friend and his fiance. This again was a bit accidental, we knew they were going to be there but didn't think we would see them and then we bumped right into them and then spent the rest of the day with them, which was really cool! Thirdly, we met someone famous!!! We met Ed Byrne. Sorry to any overseas readers, this probably isn't very exciting for you as he's a British comedian. He was lovely, he let us take his photo and and then at the end of the day walked out of the park with us, happily chatting away! A very cool guy! In fact husband and I are going to see his stand up show in December for our anniversary!
So all in all it was an awesome day and here are some photos.

 Me - ready to go!



 Lots of people
 Ed Byrne


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