Friday, 23 September 2011

Fo Friday #10

James' Jumper

This was such an easy knit! I really enjoyed doing it, other than the slight problem I had with increasing, which turned out to be easily solved, it was a very stress free project! I think I will make more of these little jumpers in different colours and sizes, I might even experiment with stripes. The whole jumper really only took about a week to knit up so making more won't be a problem. I was hoping to have a photo of James in his jumper but I haven't got one yet, I will update this post as soon as I get one, so watch this space!

As promised

I also wanted to mention that when I say jumper I mean sweater. I was asked last week if I meant sweater as I think in America a jumper is a dress and a sweater is just a sweater. So I hope this clears it up!

Well I'm off to check out Tami's blog and see other Fo's!
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  1. It looks great :)

    It's funny, I say jumper (being English), but when I comment on American blogs I always say sweater ;)

  2. I haven't heard anyone call anything a jumper in quite some time, but I knew it was a sweater because I read Harry Potter fanfiction. =D Yeah, I'm a huge dork.

  3. Cute! Yup us Yankees think dress when you say jumper.

  4. both the jumper (i am from uk lol) and james are very cute :) have a lovely weekend x

  5. Lovely sweater and it looks fantastic on! Isn't it great having a stress-free project.

  6. Such a cute sweater, your little one is a darling!

  7. Awww! So adorable and he looks so cute!!!

  8. Oh, where is the too adorable button?!!!!

    And when I hear someone use the word jumper I don't think dress, I think UK. A jumper is definitely a dress in the US, but even we don't use that word very much. :)

  9. That is so cute! I love the sweater and James is adorable.

  10. That is a cute jumper and James looks adorable in it!!!

  11. Oh, my goodness... that is so cute!

  12. cutie patootie in his new jumper. :-)

  13. Oh, so cute---the neck looks adorable on him! (And I'm so glad you already have a photo of him wearing it, instant knitification of that sort can only be a good thing.) I hope you do experiment with stripes on future jumpers, a boat neck pattern is just made for stripes!

  14. Awwww how cute :-)

    To me, a jumper is a one-piece outfit, either pants, shorts, or dress.

  15. What an adorable sweater for an adorable little man!!

  16. That turned out adorable and the model looks adorable in it!

  17. Very nice. I was wondering why you were making a dress for a little boy names James:) Sweater=jumper makes sense now though! Stopping by from TT&J.

  18. I LOVE it! I really wished I had started with baby sweaters instead of one to fit me...I might actually have a completed sweater by now ;-) Great job.

  19. aww the sweater looks awesome and he is so adorable! I would have been woefully confused when you said jumper (and thought of the rather horrific denim dresses my mom made me wear when I was 6) except Harry Potter taught me the distinction many, many years ago =)

  20. What a cutey and the sweater look great.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!!

  21. James looks adorable in his new jumper! I love how practical the boat neckline is. A striped version would look great in this pattern.

  22. Hi1 What a lovely jumper and beautiful colour! I love that pattern, even for my self!
    Thank you for your visit and comment!
    Have a great weekend!

  23. Cute sweater on a cute little baby! When I think of jumper I think of something with pants. But I could be wrong!

  24. That's a cute jumper and cuter baby.

    I can make the translation, it's pants and vests that get me.

    I did love my jumpers/dresses without sleeves worn over a blouse as a girl.

  25. Cute sweater and even cuter little one.

  26. How cute it this? Good Job. Your little one reminds me of my oldest son when he was little. So sweet...

    Hopping by from Lots' of Lovin' Weekend Hop. I am your newest GFC follower. I hope you can stop by and follow back. Debs Dealz and I host a daily blog hop. Check it out at

    Hope to see you:0)

  27. Jason looks very comfortable in his nice new jumper (Sweater) lol.

  28. It looks really good, even better on James


  29. Very cute, it's just wonderful to be able to make for a family isn't it?

  30. It's lovely and looks great on James! x

  31. Aaaww that's sweet, one with stripes will look great.

    Jan :o)

  32. Love how that turned out. It would be so cute with stripes too. I am a new follower from the Creative Bloggers' Hop. Vicky @

  33. love it! Great job! Thanks so much for linking up to Tuesday Talent Show! I would love to have you stop by and link up again tomorrow with more great projects!