Saturday, 2 May 2015

A button buy

The puerperium cardigan is all finished apart from the buttons. I went to see them on last night and can you believe it I'm one button short! Gutted! 
Not to worry though Angus and I decided we would go button shopping today! I don't really need an excuse! Other than the penguin buttons for the puerperium cardigan I didn't really have anything specific I needed but I did tell Angus he could also pick some! 

Here's what we got 

Can you guess what Angus picked? Yellow is his favourite colour and when he saw a little bag of yellow buttons he couldn't resist! I love the ladybird ones and the blue ones are for a secret project! 

Buy the time we got home it was trying to rain so we spent some time playing with our new buttons!

Happy weekend!


  1. Awh Angus is so cute! What a great collection of buttons.

  2. Lovely batch of buttons :) Looking forward to seeing the finished 'cardi' - have a lovely bank holiday weekend! (raining cats and dogs here!)

    P.S. Angus looks like he's having a lot of fun - who needs toys!!

  3. Buttons can be all kinds of fun can't they! My dad gave me his mother's button tin filled with her buttons when I was little. I loved sorting and playing with them. It looks like your son has caught the button bug too!