Friday, 6 September 2013

Sending out an SOS!

Hopefully the title of this post is self explanatory, I need help!

Here's the story, I really want to knit Angus a sweater for Christmas, I've been looking at patterns for a couple of weeks and came across this on Pinterest
maria carlander
Cute right?! But can I find a pattern for it, not for love nor money! So here's where you come in lovely blogging/knitting people, do any of you have a pattern that is similar to this or would work? I have wool in these colours and just think Angus would be so gorgeous in this. I'm not too worried about the scalloped coloured part, I would be happy to do a plain band.  And also I need it to fit a 12 month baby. But I would really really appreciate your help! There may even be a reward!!!!

So now I leave it to you, (please,please, please help!)


Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wip Wednesday #28

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I'm afraid I've not much to show you this week and not much time but didn't want to miss another Wednesday!

First Wip - Baby

This is one of the rare moments Angus has smiled this week. We are teething at the moment, there are at least 3 top teeth coming through so understandably Angus is not at his best! This was him trying to chase mummy, his favourite game at the moment.

Second Wip - Baby Blanket

As you can see not a lot of progress here just half a white square, I have discovered since photographing it though that my squares don't line up! The pattern said to make each square 13cm and really I should have counted how many rows this was but I didn't and I'm not going to now, it will just have to be uneven! Hopefully it will work in its favour, what do you think?

Third Wip - Circular

I don;t want to say too much about this as its a gift for someone, but what I will say its that i am very pleased with it! I should have it finished soon but the reveal will have to wait until it has been received as a gift. I just hope they like it!

Well that's it for me today, linking up with the lovely Tami
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Monday, 2 September 2013

Busy, busy, busy!

Keep Busy

You know when you have one of those weeks where you never seem to stop, time flies but your not really sure what you did or what you achieved?! Well last week was a bit like that for me.

We attended a friends wedding on Monday, which was amazing, it is always lovely to see to people you care about tie the knot! The wedding took place about 3 hours from us, so we stayed overnight. This was also lovely, it was our first night away from Angus and it was really good and really hard. He was fine, he was with his Nana and they had a great time! I missed him though and spent most of the day talking about him! Yes I know I've become one of those people you avoid!!! I'm hoping I'll get better, the more we leave him. But he was always at the back of my mind and as much as I enjoyed the time away from him, I really couldn't wait to get back to him. So then most of Tuesday was taken up with saying goodbye to friends from the wedding, driving back home and collecting Angus.
On Wednesday Angus and I went to an ice cream parlour in the morning with some mummies and babies and then in the afternoon we had some friends over to ours for a playdate.
I was working Thursday and Friday, which always passing quickly and then I was out on Friday night with some mummy friends for cocktails and then Saturday was a slow start (The cocktails had a lot to answer for!) and then we did some gardening and went to the park.
On Sunday we spent the morning doing boring but essential things like pay bills, order food shopping on line, make plans for the month and then in the afternoon we went to another of Angus' friends 1st birthday parties!
And here we are on Monday again. I had no time to blog or knit last week and I really meant to I just seemed to run out of time. Here's hoping this week will be a little more relaxed!

What have you been doing? How do you find the time?

Happy Monday xx

Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Weekend round-up!

Well what a busy weekend its been and it's not over yet. It's a Bank holiday here and we have a wedding to go to tomorrow. We are leaving Angus with the husband's mum for the day and night (our first night away!) We were also at one of Angus' friends first birthday party today, which was lovely. Yesterday I was at work and then Angus and I had some errands to run, so its been non stop! What have you been doing?

Weather -Sunny
Writing - Birthday & Wedding cards
Reading - Recipes
Watching - The very funny Father Ted
Listening - Mumford and Sons
Making - Paper roses
Eating - Birthday cupcakes
Drinking - Fancy cider
Enjoying - Watching Angus on the swings

Friday, 23 August 2013

Fo Friday - chunky hat!

It's finished! I'm really pleased with this little hat! It was really quick and easy to knit and I think looks really cool! I love knitting little hats!

And here's the hat modelled by its new owner 

I think he quite likes it too!

Well I'm off to check out Tami's blog and see other Fo's!
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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Wip Wednesday #27

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Hope you are all having a good week! As usual I don't know where the week has gone, its been a busy one here. Lots of knitting, so lets get on and show you what I've got on the needles.

First Wip - Baby

This was taken at the weekend when we went to a railway museum. It was a beautiful day and Angus had a lovely time, he just loves being around people. The rest of our week has been a bit of a strain, we are doing some sleep training with Angus. If any of you have done this you will understand how challenging this can be. Hopefully we will be in a better place next week.

Second Wip - Bear

This is another new wip, I am making a bear for Angus to give him at Christmas. This is the first time I have attempted a toy and already I have changed the pattern. I decided it wasn't enough of a challenge already so decided instead of block colour I would make it a stripey bear. We'll see how it goes! So far its ok but as you can see I haven't done very much. Watch this space...

Third Wip - Chunky Hat

You may be sensing a theme this week as this hat is also for Angus. (He really does take over everything!) I think this will be a really quick knit and I hope to be showing it of on a FO Friday soon! It's a nice easy pattern and as its a baby hat and using chunky wool, on big needles it is going to be nice and quick. It's also in stocking stitch and knitted flat. I can't wait to get it finished!

I have also been working on last weeks wips but will show you those next week.

So that's it for me today. linking up with the lovely Tami
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Monday, 19 August 2013

A yarn about yarn

So being a knitter I love yarn, I love yarn shops, I even like looking online for yarn, there is just something about these squidgy balls that I love. It might be the excitement of seeing how it knits up or what I'll make with it, I don't know I just know I love it and that I have far more than I'll ever need!

I thought I would have a bit of a chat about the different yarns I'm using just now for my wips. First up is my tie top. The yarn for this is by Rowan and is called Lenpur Linen, the colour shade is stone. Its quite nice to work with but it does split so you have to be careful, I think also because I'm using quite small needles it makes it more tricky. It knits up lovely though and will be really nice to wear when its finished. I would use this yarn again for other projects.

Next up is the baby blanket. This yarn is lovely its so soft and yummy. I am using three different shades of the same yarn for the blanket. A lovely lemon shade, a snow white and a lemon with a sparkle. They are all by stylecraft and called wondersoft. It really is yummy baby yarn. This yarn is really lovely and easy to work with and as the blanket is in garter stitch its just a really lovely project! (Sorry for the excessive use of the word lovely but there is just no better way to describe it, it really is lovely, just lovely!)

Now onto the circular, this yarn is super chunky and warm, perfect for scarves and hats. The colour of this yarn is a oatmeal colour which just makes the knitting look even warmer. The yarn is by King Cole and again is good to work with. It is quite warm to sit under which would be my only complaint but that isn't helped by the nice weather we have been having.

That about sums up the yarn I'm using just now. I have 2 other wips that I'm working on at the moment which I'll post about on Wednesday so maybe next Monday I'll do another yarn about yarn post.

I'd love to know if you've used any of these yarns and what you thought of them. Also if you just want to share which yarns you're using just now, or have a recommendation I'd love to hear it!

Happy knitting

Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Weekend Round-up!

This is a new post for me, I'm usually quite quiet over the weekend but I want this blog to be a bit more about my life outside of knitting, so I'm going to do this post every Sunday and let you know what I've been up to. Feel free to share what you've been up to as well, I'd love to know!


 Weather - Sunny and warm
Writing - Invitations for Angus's birthday
Reading - The Broons (image)
Watching - Coming to America (image)
Listening - To lovely Laura Marling
Making - Yummy french toast for breakfast
Eating - Toast and Marmite (love it or hate it?)
Drinking - Lots and lots of coffee
Enjoying - I've beein enjoying some family time this weekend

Friday, 16 August 2013

Friday feeling

I love friday's, especially now I'm back at work. When I was on maternity leave they were ok but you didn't get the same build up as when your working! 
I'm really looking forward to this weekend, the husband and I are both off and have no plans, which is almost unheard of. I'm feeling slightly pressured to make some great plans or do something amazing but just spending time together will be nice. 

Here a quick list of things I'd like to do this weekend: 

I would like to do some knitting, a bit of blogging, watch a movie, take Angus to the park and swimming, go to metafit, spend some time in the kitchen cooking and baking, drink some wine and maybe read my book. 
I've just read that list back and I'm going to be pretty busy! But these are some of my favourite things to do so its not the same as being busy with chores or work! 

What are your plans this weekend, do you feel the pressure? 

Have fun whatever you do and check back here Sunday night and fun out what I've been up to!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Wip wednesday #26

Hi everyone!

Really excited today to be taking part in Tami's linky party today. It's been so long since I did one of these and I can't wait to share what I'm up to and see what everyone else is up to.

This week has been great knitting and blogging again. I really missed being part of this world and it's great making things again. I shouldn't really be surprised but I've already added several projects to my list,
what is it about knitters and are inability to stop looking at more patterns and yarn when we already have far more to do/use than we could ever manage! It's half the fun though isn't it?!

So onto the all important Wips (work in progress)

First Wip - Baby

Not a wee baby anymore, 10 1/2 months, I don't know where the time has gone. Angus is walking, eating everything in sight and expressing his personality, he's such a little character! Unfortunately as is the way with children we've had a couple of weeks of illness here, first Angus and I had conjunctivitis and then this week Angus has had a chest infection. He seems to be on the mend now, so hopefully we will start getting more sleep soon!

Second Wip - Baby blanket

Now the last time you saw this it looked like this, so it has progressed but as you can see it wasn't finished for baby's arrival! I am still enjoying knitting it and will finish it, one day!

Third Wip - circular

This is a bit of a sad story, hankies at the ready. I picked this up on Monday night and had thought I had cast on but had got no further, I was wrong, it was half way through. As you can imagine I was chuffed, so I started knitting and was getting on fine until I had a proper look at it. I had gone wrong, instead of moss stitch which I had been doing I was now doing rib stitch. As I tried not to panic, I started to frog it, well long story short, I'm not very good at frogging and had to pull it all out and I'm now left with the ball of wool pictured above. I don't really have words to describe how cross I was about the whole thing, but that's knitting for you, I'm always learning!

Fourth Wip - Tie top

OK so lets end on a high, this is my tie top, I've been working on this for ages but I would just pick it up now and then but I've decided to make the commitment to work on it a bit each week, so hopefully one day i will actually wear it. To give you an idea of its journey so far click here.

So that's it for me today. I'm off for some lunch, then Angus and I are going on a play date. I'll catch up with Tamis and everyone tonight.
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Monday, 12 August 2013


Knitting and coffee, is there any better combination? Hold on, gin and tonic, cheese and wine, chocolate and chocolate, bed and a good book, bubble bath and candles, ok so there are lots of good combos but you've got to admit knitting and coffee is good.

I have always had a bit of a coffee problem habit but since having Angus it really has been more like air to me than anything else. Not that he's a bad sleeper but he has his moments, teething and the like! I positively love a nice hot strong sweet coffee, I do also have a mug preference but these days I'm not so fussy.  Oh and sad as it is I am starting to get quite excited about Christmas and not for the usual reasons, oh no I'm excited about Starbucks Gingerbread latte, yum! Don't worry I will seek help before my problem habit gets any worse.
What about you, are you a coffee lover?

And knitting, well I was able to pick up my needles last night for the first time in months and wow, just wow, I was loving it! The time just flew by and it all just came back to me, I was so pleased. I had been a bit worried that all my relatively new knitting skills might be lost, but no they were just resting. Can't wait to share what I've been working on but that will have to wait until Wednesday.

Happy blogging/knitting and coffee drinking xx

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Back to the blog


Well its been a while, hasn't it?! I've missed my little blogging world, but when you have a blog about knitting and you stop knitting, you find your writing material sort of dries up. Being pregnant and having a baby took up a lot more time than I realised. I honestly just haven't had the energy to knit, blog, read, sometimes brush my teeth in the last year or so. However, Angus (the baby) is nearly 1, I'm back to work (part time) and things are starting to feel a bit better. I am beginning to miss the things I used to do; knitting, blogging, reading, brushing my teeth!

So here I am, I have no idea how much I'll be able to blog, knit or read (teeth brushing is back to a minimum of twice a day!) but I'm here, so lets just see how it goes!

If you remember me and want to say hi please do and any words of encouragement would be greatly received (feel a bit shy and new again!)

Hopefully I'll be back soon with some knitting updates, meanwhile I am going to try and catch up with some of my favourite blogs!

Oh and here is a wee photo of me and my wee boy

Happy blogging xx