Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Wip Wednesday #24

I've been a bit absent from blog land for a couple of weeks, I don't really want to go into it again but if you would like to know why you can found out here.
Now onto what you came for wips and books. I'm quite pleased with today's wip, its Neve's knitting. It's progressing really nicely and I'm really enjoying working on it. The yarn is good to work with and I really do love the colour, which I always thinks helps! So first picture

Sorry the lighting is so bad, I just couldn't get it to work this morning. But you get the idea, its the two front sections and the back which I am knitting up now. The next photo gives you a better idea what it will look like when its finished

Again the lighting is bad but you get an idea. I was also pretty pleased with myself as this was the first time I had used stitch holders and was even more pleased when I was transferring back onto the needles and didn't loose a single stitch *grins*. I am hoping to have the back all done by this weekend and to be well on the way to sleeves and the hood, so fingers crossed.

Now I've been reading quite a lot this year and I've loved getting back into it. For a while last year I just wasn't interested in reading but I missed it, I really did. So this year I thought I would set myself a challenge (for more of my new year challenges look here), to read one book a week. So far it is going really well, look here for more info. This week I'm onto my fifth book which is


So far I am about 60 pages in and really enjoying it. It's a really different story and very interesting. It's about conjoined twins. It's told from the viewpoint of one of the twins and so far looks like it will be an autobiography of their lives. It's a fiction book but still very interesting and thought provoking.

What are you knitting or reading? I'd love to know!

Going to visit Tamis later and see what everyone else is up to!
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