Monday, 9 May 2011

Where & why I blog

So I have just been asked where and why I blog. Firstly I usually blog in my living room which looks a little like this

However, you will probably notice a furry lump on my chair and that would be my little cat Phoebe who seems to think it's her chair. A daily battle ensues over who has claim and unfortunatley as she has claws she wins and I end up on the sofa or the dining room table. I also blog from my iphone which is really handy but I have to admit it's not my favourite way to blog. I like my chair, a cuppa and my laptop.

Why I blog? Now there's a question, I suppose I started so that I could share what I was doing with people who were as in love with knitting as I am! I have not been knitting long and blogging for an even shorter time but I really enjoy both. Blogging has been such an eye opener, I love looking at what everyone else is creating and doing!

Anyway, that will probably do,

Happy knitting/blogging xx


  1. Thanks for joining our linky party! Have you visited anyone new yet? Keep blogging!

  2. Visiting from the Blog guidebook linky party. Thanks for sharing your space. Hope you win your chair back at least occasionally!!