Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Tips for the beginner

Now I am not trying to say I'm an expert but over the last three months I have picked up a couple of really good tips about learning to knit and I would have been lost without them. So here they are:

1. Get books from your library first - don't buy until you know you will use and love the book
2. Don't try anything too complicated at first
3. Choose a pattern that you love, making it will be more rewarding that way and you'll want to keep going with it until the end
4. Always check the pattern for needle size and type of yarn that you will need
5. Count your stitches after every row
6. Keep a record of your projects. Include the pattern, yarn used, needle size and notes about the knitting process.
7. Take photo's of all your work, especailly if you give them away. It's nice to look back on what you made
8. As a beginner always buy more yarn than you think you'll need, you never know
9. Don't worry about mistakes, everyone makes them
10. Try and knit a little everyday

These tips have really helped me and I hope others find them useful!

Happy knitting/blogging xx

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