Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Tantrums and tears!

So my first knitting experience didn't go so well, I had got this really cool looking book from the library, which advertised fun and easy projects. However, after three hours I was finding them neither fun nor easy. I was totally struggling to make sense of the patterns or any of the instructions and really holding the needles was becoming a challenge. At this point I decided it would be a good idea to call my mum, I know, I know calling my mum a bit sad but what's a girl to do? Once she had established what I was trying to do, which turned out to be rib stitch she very tactfully suggested that maybe I just concentrate on just knit. I thought that she was possibly underestimating my skills but again she pointed out rather tactfully that this was my very first time kniting so maybe the basic stitch would be a good place to start and to just practice for a bit before I tried to make anything. I have to admit I was pretty disappointed I thought this knitting thing was going to be quite easy and that I would be making cool knits and accessaries in no time. I was wrong, so wrong!

So I picked my self and my knitting needles up and tried again.

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