Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Yarning along - clouds


Well it's been a while, but I am really looking forward to joining in this week with Yarning along.

Currently I am knitting this beautiful fluffy cloud blanket. It is designed by my friend and very talented children's knitwear designer Vikki Bird, who is offering 20% off all her designs over the summer holidays! I am making this blanket for my friends baby, unfortunately baby Harris is already 4 months old, so I have decided I will finish it in time for his half birthday, in a couple of months. It should be achievable, it's a lovely pattern to follow and with the summer nights I'll soon have it finished. I'm just over a third of the way at the moment, but my youngest has chicken pox this week, so we have been confined to the sofa so I should get lots of time for knitting. I am using stylecraft special Aran for this blanket and it is very soft and squidgy, it's going to be a lovely warm blanket, which is great because baby Harris lives in the Highlands of Scotland and it can be a bit nippy up there! 

Book wise I have just finished the Unmumsy Mum by Sarah Turner, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. It was full of laughs and truths and in a lot of way summed up how I have felt and sometimes do feel about being a mum. I will start a new book so tonight but I'm not sure what that will be yet, I have a couple to choose from so I will see how I feel when I get to bed.

I'm not sure when I will blog again, maybe at the weekend, we are trying backgarden camping so I am hoping to do a post about that but if not probably next week for yarning along.


  1. I'm so excited that you're knitting this blanket!

    I'm tempted to read The Unmumsy Mum - I quite enjoy her blog posts when they pop up on my Facebook feed, but I have never sought them out.

    Hope little one is better soon!

  2. I really like this blanket design, it's so simple but unique. I'll put it on my mental list for when I need a new challenge. I haven't done much intarsia before.

    Thanks for joining in Yarning Along with us.

  3. The blanket is adorable! Love the cloud theme. I hope that you enjoy your backyard camping. It is one of my son's favorite things to do when the weather is not too hot.

  4. Sweetness! I want a sweater with that pattern!

  5. What a cute idea for a baby blanket! Love the clouds.