Friday, 27 February 2015

To buy or not to buy

That is the

So what am I talking about, I am of course talking about the Devon sun yarn club. My friend joined last moth and I was so impressed with the parcel she received  (below) that I am really tempted to join too. 

I mean isn't this just such a lovely package to receive in the post, who wouldn't want it. Also my friend Vikki made this gorgeous cowl with the yarn. You can find Vikki's blog  "Bake Day Wednesday" here, she makes lots of lovely, very clever things.

There is also a ravelry group for this yarn club with ideas of what to make with the yarn, so it's not like it would be wasted... But I don't really need to buy yarn for unidentified projects and I shouldn't
really be spending money when we are expecting another baby. Then again it's not a lot of money and I would use the yarn (eventually), also I don't really make many yarn purchases during a normal month and I could just sign up for the initial 3 months then stop. However, this could lead to other purchases, it may be a slippery slope but what pregnant lady doesn't need a treat?! I don't know I think the jury is still out of this one...

Are you in a yarn club? Do you use the yarn you receive? Should I sign up? 

Oh only 3more days left of my giveaway!


  1. Just a suggestion, but you could consider setting yourself a yarn budget to buy yourself some yarn from an independent dyer, say every 6 weeks, or as fast as you're going to use it, then contact a dyer and ask them to make up a special surprise box for you. As it's not a yarn club you'd get more freedom over yarn weights and colours, so you're more likely to end up with something you'd actually use, but there would also be a surprise element with the extras. I love getting my yarn box through the post, but I know there will be some months where I just think 'what?', so it is a bit of a risk!