Friday, 6 February 2015

The end is near...

Could it be, could I actually be about to complete the baby blanket, the baby blanket I started 3 years ago and abandoned, unpicked  and started again last month?

Well if this photo is anything to go by then yes!

I have one square left to do and then I just need to sew it together. I'm so pleased the end is near, not because I'm bored with the blanket, not at all, but because I never thought I would complete it and here I am, just one square away. 

I've loved knitting this, is been so easy and really calming just knitting away, slowly growing (me and the blanket!) I'll be sad to see this one finished but also super chuffed! 

Watch this space next week for a finished blanket! 


  1. Fantastic - it is always so good to finish something, especially something that has been hanging around for a while. Look forward to seeing it next week!

  2. Hey, I remember seeing that's a while back!