Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Making progress

Since I found out I was pregnant I have been in two minds as to what I would make/knit for the baby,  if in fact anything. The reason behind me thinking I might not make anything is because I didn't make anything for Angus when I was pregnant with him. I also somehow managed to attach some feelings of guilt onto this, feeling that it wasn't fair to Angus. However, now that my morning sickness has gone and a new year has started I feel I really should make something for our new arrival. Also my husband told me I was being silly, he was right. I make things for Angus all the time so I don't feel guilty about making this baby some things. 

So, what am I making... some of you may remember from when I was pregnant with Angus I started a baby blanket. There were a couple of problems with the blanket and it was never finished. I decided a couple of weeks ago that I would rip it out and start again. It's going much better than last time even with the small issue I had last week. I am now further with the blanket than I ever got when I was making it before and I am still feeling good about it and not bored. I mention the bored part as it's just plain garter stitch but at the moment that's about all my brain can handle! 

This is what it currently looks like

I have done 2 of the 5 stripes so making good progress.

Also if you would like to read about the last attempt at the blanket you can find it here.


  1. Aw that's going to be a lovely cosy blanket :) My husband started knitting a baby blanket when I was pregnant with #2. He eventually got it finished just after #4 was born >.<

    I don't knit half as much as I think I will when I'm pregnant. I think it's the lack of concentration skills

  2. Blanket is looking good........looking forward to seeing it finished!

  3. I am learning to not attach guilt to my knitting. I have family who do enough of that! Keeping score on what I knit for this child, but not that one. Oy! Love the soft colors of the blanket!

  4. You are making wonderful progress on the blanket! I love garter stitch projects. So easy and fun.

  5. Nice blanket - soon to be blanket! They are tough to complete because of how time consuming and repetitive they are but great job chuggin along here. I also like that you are working it in strips, rather than squares to join later.
    Would love if you shared this at our Yarn Fanatic Linky Party - http://eyeloveknots.blogspot.com/2015/01/yarn-fanatic-linky-party-21.html.

  6. Congratulations on the baby! I think it would be awesome to finish the blanket for this little one. It's looking good!

    Thanks so much for stopping by the Yarn Fanatic Party, I hope to see you there again!