Saturday, 17 January 2015


While being pregnant I have been doing some out of character things, mainly forgetting things, which is very unlike me. But generally just being absent minded. 
I go out on a Monday night to meet some lovely ladies and do some knitting, it's a lovely group and has an added bonus of pudding most weeks! I was there this week working on my blanket, all went well, I had a lovely pudding and a good catch up with the ladies. On Tuesday night I was knitting again and happened to glance down at my knitting and realised Monday night had not been as good as I thought. I had managed to miss out 20 rows of one colour and had started the next. Now for most knitters this would be annoying but not the end of the world, however, for me it was a disaster! This is mainly because I am rubbish at frogging, I either loose stitches and loose all the knitting. One of the ladies on a Monday night usually helps me but this was only Tuesday so I would miss a whole week of knitting. After sulking about this for a few days I decided I would just try and frog it, I have watched Vikki (the lovely lady who normally helps me) frog things a few times and thought I could give it a go.
Vikki has this method off putting a knitting needle through the row stitches she wants to keep and them she can pull put everything above that and not loose any knitting or stitches that she doesn't want too. So I tried it... I guess from the title of today's post you can guess how it went...I succeed!!!! I was so chuffed! Eureka!!!
Also thanks to a very accommodating husband and child I managed to get all the extra white rows done and redo all the yellow ones, so now I am back to where I had been and I've learnt a knew skill! Yay! 
Here's the blanket all fixed!

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  1. So glad I've managed to teach someone something! Well done on fixing the blanket!