Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Burns supper party

As I have mentioned once or twice we were celebrating Burns night at the weekend. This is something the husband and I have done for years, ironically its not something we did much when we lived in Scotland but since we moved to England we haven't missed a year. Usually its a low key affair, just the husband, me and some haggis. This year though we invited some friends to help us celebrate. This meant that on Saturday we were expecting 10 people (6 adults, 3 babies) so there was lots of planning to do.

I wanted to make sure the place felt a bit Scottish and the atmosphere was perfect. I knew the food would be ok but the decorations could be tricky. The first thing I did was look to pinterest for some ideas and thankfully I was not disappointed! The main thing really was tartan and thankfully I had some ribbon and a scarf that I thought would work. I decided that if I had plain red napkins i could tie the cutlery together with the ribbon and it would look quite effective. 

I was quite pleased with the result. I used the ribbon for a couple of other touches but I'll show you them later. Now onto the food. Husband always does the haggis, neeps and tatties so I got to do the fun stuff. I decided I would make some tablet. I thought we could have some before haggis and then I could give everyone some to take home. Although I have eaten tablet since being a little girl and I used to help by Nanny make it, its not something I had ever made as an adult. So I rang my Nanny and got the recipe and set to work. It was surprisingly easy to make and the result was fab.

I tied little bundles together with ribbon for our guests to take home. I think they look pretty cute!

Next I made the pudding, I wanted this to be a traditional Scottish desert so I chose Cranachan. Again this was quite simple to make but very tasty and looked pretty good too!

I had told our guests that the dress code was tartan but then had the problem that I didn't have anything tartan myself except for some shoes

However, I think Angus more than made up for me

Husband also has his own kilt and I managed to get this very sweet photo of  him and Angus together in their kilts 

And here is the table all set. I used my tartan scarf as a table runner and I think it worked really well. I was really happy with the overall look.

We had a lovely time and hopefully shared a piece of Scotland with our friends. I will blog later in the week with recipes for the tablet and the Cranachan, so look out for those.

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  1. Hi Sam,
    OMG, the photo of your boys in kilts os so precious!
    Looks like a lovely party and I just love your shoes too...

  2. I am a huge fan of all things Scottish. Lovely post!

  3. I love all things Scottish. :-)