Monday, 8 August 2011

Much Love Monday - Husband!

Happy Monday everyone!
I've been having a pretty good Monday, it was my friend from work's birthday today, so we had cake and presents for her and generally just a nice day! This of course has nothing to do with why I especially love husband today, oh here he is
The reason I decided to have him as my much love Monday post was because of yesterday! You know you have those days when you are just in a funk, my knitting wasn't going right and I was tired and there were lots of little jobs that I needed to get done but due to my funk were feeling like big impossible jobs!! Well husband just took my funk in his stride, spent all day trying to make me smile (and succeded!) and then helped me do the little jobs! He really is great my husband and I love him lots! (ok enough gushing!)

I am posting this as part of anna's much love Monday link party, so head over there for more!
I am also counting husband's photo as day 8 of the August break! (I know I've missed day 6 but it's on its way, I promise!)


  1. Love the post about your husband! He sounds like such a treasure (and reminds me of my own husband!). Have a great week, Sam! :)

  2. Sweet post!

  3. Nice post! sounded like u had a wonderful Monday! :D

  4. Needed a break from the news so I decided to see if there were any Much Love Monday posts that I had missed. So glad I did :)