Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The August Break!

I have decided to take part in the August break. I have a couple of reasons for this, first I think its a great idea and second I always say to husband  "I'm going to take more photo's!" but I never do, so hopefully this will encourage me! If you would like to take part its really easy just go over to Susannah's blog here and join the fun!

So the idea is I'm going to take a photo everyday and post it on the blog and this will document my August! I will try and post everyday but some days there may be two photo's together! I haven't got todays photo yet but here is yesterday's.

This is my wee cat Phoebe, enjoying the sun on our next door neighbours table! She has no sense of boundries!!!


  1. that is because cats RULE.. ask any cat..

  2. I've been very neglectful of picture taking for the last while. Really need to start doing it more often!