Monday, 18 July 2011

Needle Dilemma = New Needles!

First, happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a lovely weekend! My weekend was good, I was working but got some down time too so that was good.  I decided during this weekend down time that having two wip's just wasn't enough (also I had seen this really lovely top that I want to make) so decided to cast on another project! Now before I get carried away, I can hear you cry "Two wips? I thought she was just working on the cushion?" Well yes I am working on the cushion but I am still working on the secret items for my niece and nephew (see this post.)

So anyway back to the weekend. Before I could cast on though, I had to look out what size needles I would need (I had already bought the yarn - you know just in case!), and here was the problem, I needed a pair of 31/4 mm and a pair of 4mm  but I was alreading using a size 4mm for the cushion. So, poor husband had to endure a mini strop while I decided what I was going to do. He suggested I just wait untill I was finished with the cushion and then the 4mm would be free, but I didn't really like this idea, I wanted to cast on that day (you know how it is!) Here lies problem number two, it was a Sunday, now where I live not a lot is open on a Sunday and definetly not my wool shop! Don't panic (like I did), when husband and I were at the supermarket I nipped along to Poundstretcher and found a lovely pair of bamboo 4mm needles...on sale!!! I was a happy girl! I then went home and cast on, more details on that on Wednesday!

So today I am loving Poundstretcher and my new 4mm bamboo needles! For more posts about what people are loving this Monday pop over to Anna's blog here


  1. Only 2 WIPs :) that will change as you get more into it lol
    Poundstretcher is fab for cheap budget wool as well, and i'm sure you'll start to find other places too (wilkies for one!) i have acrued several multiples of needles and hooks over the years... Can i suggest ebay or your local charity shops too!
    Looking forward to seeing your finished projects x

  2. Oh men just don't understand that we need to have more than one project on the go at a time. I have a few pairs of each size needles that I pick up at charity shops as I have different projects for different situations. I always have an easy project for on the train & watching TV or movies & a more difficult pattern for when I have the time to concentrate more.