Saturday, 2 July 2011

100 Days 100 Words #1 - Books


Welcome to the first 100 days 100 words! I'm feeling quite excited about this post! I have been planning it all week and I'm even writing it slightly early (get me!)
Anyway this weeks post is going to be about books. Now books have always been really important to me, from being a very small child, I always loved bedtime stories with my mum! She did all the voices and I remember we would just fall about laughing (not great for getting a child to sleep, but such good memories). And now books are still a major part of my life. The first reason for this is that I work in a library so I'm surrounded by books all day every day (I wouldn't have it any other way) and secondly I don't think I can remember the last time I left the house without a book in my bag! I am also a member of several reading groups which I love! Finding new authors and sharing them with people makes me happy!

I now want to share with you some of my favourite things about books. First my favourite book, this is easy, with out a doubt it has to be this

I didn't read this book at school unlike so many people I know (who now hate it) I read it when I was about 19. I just loved it - enough said!

Now as I love books, I hate to see pages turned down, I just don't see the point, not when you can use any number of cool, pretty, funny, generally great bookmarks! And then it gives you an excuse to collect something else (or is that just me?) So my favourite bookmark is probably this one

This was a hard choice as I have maybe 150 bookmarks, I pick one up whenever I go anywhere! But this one was given to me buy a good friend when I was 11, I have kept it ever since. She was moving away and gave it to me so I wouldn't forget her, I haven't forgotten her and even though it is starting to look a little tatty I would never throw it away!

After libraries (of course) I love to browse in bookstores! I honestly could spend all day there, I don't even have to spend money, although I usually do! My very favourite bookstore is in Paris and called Shakespeare & Co. It is full and nooks and crannies. The books are piled up and well its just heaven!

Honestly tell me this doesn't look like heaven!

Well that's it for the first 100 days 100 words! Don't forget to add your blog to the Mr Linky. The blog post can either be your own 100 ays 100 words or just a post about books! Also try and visit some other posts and share the love!

Happy blogging x


  1. I am a lover of books too so I really enjoyed this post. Your little book mark is so sweet, did you keep in touch with your friend? I'd love to join your 100 days 100 words but I"m just not sure I could commit. I will however, be popping back to say hi as I've enjoyed my visit! take care, keep reading, have fun xo

  2. Oh the book store! I love it. I love to browse libraries too. I always enjoy the unexpected surprise of finding a gem on the shelf. I usually just walk down each aisle and peruse all the titles ..waiting for one to pop out at me. It does and usually has to do with history! Great blog. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I read TKAM in school, like everyone else did, & loved it then & now! I'm not sure I'd put it as my number one favorite, but it is up there! I loved the photos you shared on that bookstore, too!

  4. I haven't been to that Parisian bookstore, it looks amazing! I did go to Hay-on-Wye, which was so much fun, a whole town of bookshops!

  5. My husband turns down book pages - and it drives me crazy. We actually had a fight about it once, I'm embarrassed to admit. He's moved on to leaving the open book face down, which is an improvement but still not ideal! At least it's improvement, I tell myself...

  6. Hi Sam, I love books too, and the store in Paris looks fab. I'm a bookmark fan too, i've got a cute one from Paperchase at the mo. Bee x

  7. oh that wonderful place with so many books is a blissssss! :) i am stunned by the amount of books! i could live in bookstores, second hand book shops and craft shops :) i swear!

  8. my favourite bookmark says: change the future or someone else will :)
    this is the perfect place for a booklover sam!