Saturday, 16 July 2011

100 Days 100 Words #3 - Ribbon

First of all happy weekend everyone! I hope you are all having better weather than I am having, its been raining all day! :(

So onto our third word -Ribbon
Not sure why I chose ribbon as one of my words except that I do really like ribbon and have lots of it at home. I usually use it when I am making cards but I also like to use it when wrapping presents as I think it adds a nice touch. I love the versatility of ribbon, you get satin ribbon, grow grain ribbon, straight edge ribbon, wavy edge ribbon, all sorts really. This is the ribbon I keep in my craft room

I also have a separate stash of Christmas ribbon and ribbon for wrapping presents. Other than these divisions I haven't organised my ribbon at all, as you can see from the above photo! These is really unlike me as I'm normally super organised and I love to keep things tidy, so that I can't find exactly what I'm looking for with minimal fuss. However, I like the random mess of my ribbons and that I have to wade through them all to find the one I really want. I will probably never organise them, even though I do look at some (here) with envy!

Do you like ribbon? What do you use it for?

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  1. I really do like ribbons, but I don't have a post about them to share :(

    I'm stopping in from Sunny Saturday and followed you on GFC!

  2. I find that the ribbons that are so organised ( like the ones in your link) don't make me want to use them. I have mine wound around old wooden thread reels then just dumped in a basket so can sift through them. I will try & get a photo on the linky today.

  3. I love ribbons too, I am guilty of hoarding them though - I have far too many!

    Thanks for your kind comments at my place, x

  4. I also love ribbon, it's great with some ribbon clasps and a pendant. I particularly like organza ribbon for this as it can give new life to an old pendant.

  5. I never have any ribbon when I could need it, at least not in a place where I can find it - maybe I should get a box too :)