Monday, 9 March 2015

A chocolate cake kind of day

On Friday Angus and I decided to have a quiet day, I'd been feeling pretty yuck all week with a cold and cough, so taking it easy was ideal. I asked Angus what he wanted to do thinking he might say play trains or make a tent but no Angus wanted to make a cake. When I thought about it, it was actually a great idea, a chocolate cake was just what we needed!

We just used a simple Mary Berry chocolate tray-bake recipe, nothing very complicated, really just a throw it all in.a bowl, mix it together and bake! However I think you'll agree it turned out pretty good and was very tasty! 

Also to say we had a very happy daddy when he came home to chocolate cake was an understatement, so win win really! I mean who doesn't like chocolate cake?!


  1. What a cute little chef and a delicious looking cake!

  2. Indeed, who doesn't love chocolate cake?! And I love Angus' chef's hat.

  3. Your little chef is dressed adorably! Chocolate cake looks yummy :) :)