Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wip Wednesday #28

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I'm afraid I've not much to show you this week and not much time but didn't want to miss another Wednesday!

First Wip - Baby

This is one of the rare moments Angus has smiled this week. We are teething at the moment, there are at least 3 top teeth coming through so understandably Angus is not at his best! This was him trying to chase mummy, his favourite game at the moment.

Second Wip - Baby Blanket

As you can see not a lot of progress here just half a white square, I have discovered since photographing it though that my squares don't line up! The pattern said to make each square 13cm and really I should have counted how many rows this was but I didn't and I'm not going to now, it will just have to be uneven! Hopefully it will work in its favour, what do you think?

Third Wip - Circular

I don;t want to say too much about this as its a gift for someone, but what I will say its that i am very pleased with it! I should have it finished soon but the reveal will have to wait until it has been received as a gift. I just hope they like it!

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  1. Angus is darling! Sorry about the teething ouchies. Your blanket is pretty, and I like that bubble effect on your gift. You did not say the pattern for the second project, but I'll be looking in again in case you post it. We have a friend with a new baby coming along, and it looks like a fun knit.
    Popping in from Tami's.

  2. Thank you, I will post details of the gift: pattern, wool that kind of thing when its safely in the hands of it's new owner! It is a fun knit though and quite quick to knit up!

  3. The great thing about any hand made project is when they're a little bit wonky! It's part of their charm, I'm sure it'll look fab :-)

  4. Oh dear ... It is so frustrating when the pattern doesn't line up! The colors are lovely, very sunny!

    1. Thank you! I'm just going to go with it and hope it looks quirky in a good way!

  5. He looks so happy. Have you tried the teething items you can get that you can put in the fridge or freezer. Chewing on the cold can help with the pain. It's not nice, I remember them well.
    Although it's uneven it still looks good!
    Thanks for linking up at Crochet Addict UK

    1. Thank you, yes we have tried all sorts for teething, thankfully it seems to be easing off again!

  6. Such a cute little guy! I hope teething goes quickly for you two. And your knitting looks lovely, even if it is uneven.

  7. The texture on your third WIP is great, makes me wish that I could knit. Is it going to be a hat? Cowl? Yoga mat carrier? I can't wait to see the unveiling. :D