Friday, 6 September 2013

Sending out an SOS!

Hopefully the title of this post is self explanatory, I need help!

Here's the story, I really want to knit Angus a sweater for Christmas, I've been looking at patterns for a couple of weeks and came across this on Pinterest
maria carlander
Cute right?! But can I find a pattern for it, not for love nor money! So here's where you come in lovely blogging/knitting people, do any of you have a pattern that is similar to this or would work? I have wool in these colours and just think Angus would be so gorgeous in this. I'm not too worried about the scalloped coloured part, I would be happy to do a plain band.  And also I need it to fit a 12 month baby. But I would really really appreciate your help! There may even be a reward!!!!

So now I leave it to you, (please,please, please help!)



  1. It looks like a straightforward raglan sweater with a colourwork section
    Ravelry search for raglan + baby gives these

  2. There is a hat pattern here very similar so you could use the chart & a plain raglan sleeve pullover pattern. Scroll down the page for English translation