Friday, 17 April 2015

Wool for Ewe!

It been a bit quiet on the blog this week as we've been back in Scotland visiting friends and family! We've had such a lovely trip up north, catching up with old friends, watching Angus play with his cousins and just spending some time together as a family! Stuart and I also got some time to ourselves with was great and a great opportunity for Angus to spend some time with his grandparents.

On Tuesday morning Angus was with his grandparents so Stuart and I went into town to look round the shops and get some lunch. We had such a relaxing morning (anyone with a toddler will understand how difficult looking round shops can be!) and a really nice lunch. 

I was especially pleased as it meant I finally had the opportunity to go to a yarn shop I have been going on about for ages! The shop is called "Wool for Ewe" and is right round the corner from where I used to live. It has a wonderful selection of yarn, needles, bags and all kinds of accessories. The staff were very well informed and happy to help. They also run classes and do workshops. I was very restrained and only bought the yarn I needed, which turned out to be quite boring.

The yarn is for a cowl for Stuart so he got to choose the colour, which is not what I would have chosen but it has to be something he'll wear.
I did however, manage to pick up a couple of extra things!

A very handy tote bag, some cute tissues with balls of yarn on them and a bookmark.

I will definitely be going back to "Wool for Ewe" the next time we are in Aberdeen. I could have spent hours in there just touching all the lovely yarn, but I was conscious Stuart was with me and although he hadn't said anything I could tell he was getting bored! I was still happy with my purchases though and so glad to finally visit the shop!

"Wool for Ewe" also has a website if you want to check it out


  1. Sounds like a lovely were very self controlled not buying some yarn for you.

  2. Sooo jealous you got to visit Aberdeen and Wool for Ewe, it must be very near my old flat. One day I'll go back and reminisce. Looking forward to seeing you at knit night really soon! Lyndaxx