Friday, 18 May 2012

Circular knitting

Happy Friday everyone!

Unfortunately I once again have nothing finished to show you but I do have something to share. I'm actually quite pleased with myself about this, over the last couple of days I have been teaching myself to knit on circular needles.

I had been thinking about doing this for a while but there have always plenty of things I wanted to knit that could be worked flat, however recently there has been more and more patterns that are worked in the round and I thought I might as well give it a go. I have been knitting now for just over a year and taught myself through books, magazines and youtube videos, teaching myself with the circular needle was no different. I looked through all the books I have at home and magazines but there was nothing suitable so I went back to the net and headed straight for youtube where I found this very helpful video

I now feel pretty confident about casting on for my first in the round project, so watch this space...

Have you taught yourself anything new lately?

Also if you have any tips for knitting on circular needles I would be very grateful!

Well I'm off to check out Tami's blog and see other Fo's!
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  1. When I first learned to knit I was taught on straight needles then I was given a pair of circs. Everything I knit is on circs. I never use straight needles anymore. When decreases or small sizes are needed, I use two circs.

  2. Good luck with the circular knitting. It's my fav.

  3. Well done you, it certainly opens another whole world of patterns. It's so much easier to learn from videos I find :)

  4. Welcome to a whole other world of knitting! I always feel as though my stitches look more even and attractive when knitted in the round. I'm excited to see what you decide to cast on!

  5. Always good to expand your horizons with new skills. I prefer knitting in the round on dpns, but maybe that's old fashioned now. I use circs when I must but I don't like the way the stitches catch where the wire meets the needle. It's definitely a plus not to have to sew seams!

  6. Great job. Like Miss Wonder Why, I also never use straight needles anymore. Circular needles are straight when working back and forth instead of in the round.

  7. I'm a circular knitting convert too.

  8. I'm new to blogging (2 months) and fairly new to crochet (2 1/2 years) so I was excited to see the list of links you're posting with. I love sharing my stuff and seeing what others are doing and these little linkys are a fantastic way to do both. Thank you!!

  9. I love knitting on circulars too! Have you heard of magic loop yet? Look it up :)
    The world is your oyster now!

  10. Excellent! Never stop learning something new.

  11. Yey for learning something new. I've literally just learnt to knit in the last couple of weeks and the thing I'm making is knitted on circular needles and am getting to grips with them slowly. Its great when you learn something new isn't it :-)

  12. Well done on learning a new technique! I love my circular needles - I don't actually own any straight ones. I love that circulars are so versatile and just as good for knitting flat as they are for knitting in the round. :)

  13. The thing to remember is that you are only working with a couple of needles and yes, they might have a bit of wire between them, it is really just the same old same old. The same goes for DPNs, like any thing the more you practice the better you will get at it. Now go for it :)

  14. I think sharing projects and what you're learning is just as valuable (sometimes more so) than sharing finished projects. I admire your new skill, speaking as someone who struggled to knit anything worthwhile even on straight needles! x

  15. Well done with the knitting - not a particular craft that I excel at. In fact, don;t even attempt it these days and I do admire anyone who can knit, particularly with round needles and those who can follow patterns. Hope you have a good week.

  16. Good for you. I love circular knitting because there is less sewing required! Good luck with your project - I look forward to seeing what you do.

  17. Ive got a few sets of circular needles but I haven been brave enough to use them

  18. Very cool! I can't knit, so this, even unfinished is amazing to me! Thanks for sharing at our Handmade Tuesdays party.

  19. Thank you for participating in Show Your Stuff Blog Hop, You are invited to come back: