Friday, 14 October 2011

From the orient - far from the orient!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, here goes

Not entirely happy with her but she'll have to do!

Oh don't forget about my giveaway!

Well I'm off to check out Tami's blog and see other Fo's!
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  1. Not entirely happy? Seriously? I heartily disagree -- she's awesome!

  2. Aha, I guessed it was a doll that you were knitting. She is lovely Sam! I am (still) knitting socks as there is no sign of summer here yet, also knitting a Miffy doll for myself and a string of Christmas lights for a dear friend for Christmas which is turning out great. Keep up the good work! I love Youtube for new techniques too, I learnt how to do Kitchener stitch there ( for the toes on the socks). Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

  3. Oh gosh, don't be not-entirely-happy with her, she's beautiful!! I'd be thrilled to bits to have her nestled onto one of my bookshelves---I love the shaping, especially on her fantastic hair, and the colours you used (and the texture of the belt!) are lovely.

  4. So cute! I love her hair. Looks like a fun knit, too.

  5. I think she is pretty, I would be totally happy with her!!She totally has the oriental look going on :)

  6. She is adorable. I am really starting to enjoy knitting small figures...LOVE IT!

  7. Oh my goodness she is AMAZING!!!!

  8. She's so cute! I especially like her pink cummerbund.

  9. Hi Sam the Knitter! :) I'm Kelli the quilter in California. ;) Found you thru the blog hop and going to follow along. Love seeing creativity of all kinds. Knitting is something I'm not so good at. That doll is amazingly adorable! Nice to meet you. Going to follow.

  10. Hello I just want to Say Hi Sunday.. and I have follow you and hope you could return the favor here are my url:

    I will be checking back and hop to the other blogs to say Hi as well.
    See yeahh

  11. Oh, cute! I think she turned out adorably.
    from Jill Made It

  12. Oh I think she is wonderful, well done. Hugs and Happy Monday!

  13. I think she's the cutest thing! If I could knit something like that I would happily knit all day long. :)

  14. She's extremely cute - and don't let her hear you're not entirely happy with her. She'll be gutted ;-)

  15. She's perfect and careful she can hear you, you know :)

  16. She is so cute! Don't know why you are not happy with it! Mich :)

  17. She's really sweet, well done.

    Jan :o)

  18. Sooooo cute.....and pretty perfect I'd say!! x

  19. She is DARLING!! You are SO talented!! Love it!!

    Thanks for sharing and linking up!
    We appreciate it!!
    J&M's Eye Candy

  20. She is lovely, well done to you. xx